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Nevermind Nessie and their folk inspired punk rock have been around since 2009. They are an inspiration for many drunken nights, dance parties and every once in a while, a well-deserved hangover. Straight forward, no nonsense, hard going and always lively. That’s the best way to describe a live show by these five Belgians. Driven by folk tunes on whistle, accordion and fiddle and backed by a rock solid punk rock rhythm section, they are a perfect match for any bar, club or festival looking for a good time.

Over the years they’ve released several albums and EP’s, played shows in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany, played with bands as Levellers (UK), The Rumjacks (AUS), The Moorings (FR), Sir Reg (SE), The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats (DE), Muirshin Durkin & Friends (DE)...

Always in for a party, a beer and a dance, they are looking forward to keep playing live shows wherever they can!

What other people say about us

"Melodies aren’t simply imitated like other bands do - Nevermind Nessie used them to create their own songs, with their own lyrics" ... "Again a very nice album by these Belgian Folk-punkers"


"They have a young and fresh approach and they take risks when they cover material from non-Celtic countries. But, above all, their sound and production is excellent. They love the traditional stuff, but they don’t cover the usual pub standards. In fact, they are writing new pub standards."

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"Man kann förmlich hören, wie der Schweiss von der Decke tropft, während ich mich in Gedanken rückwärts hüpfend und im Kreis drehend durch die Crowd arbeite. Konzerte der Belgier müssen eine Granate sein!"

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"Feesten, dansen, zingen en drinken. Voeg dit samen met een potje punkrock, en je hebt een liveshow van Nevermind Nessie." ... "De Vlaamse Dropkick Murphys hebben een nieuw album uit, en wat voor één!"
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"Même s'ils sont à distance respectable du modèle Irlandais, NEVERMIND NESSIE a su en capter l'essence, l'esprit et la force pour le retranscrire de façon impeccable et fidèle."
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Upcoming Shows

Date Event - Venue City
2024-03-15M'eire Morough: Saint Patrick's Night @ JH ZenithDendermonde
2024-03-16Three Gates: Warmup Part II Gembloux
2024-03-17Guinness Celtic NightWaterloo
2024-03-23Nessie's Last Stand (Final Show)Doel

Past Shows

The past years we had a lot of fun playing stages in clubs, bars and festivals in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany.

Some highlights: Fonnefeesten (3x), Krotrock (3x), Labadoux (2x), Denderpop (3x), Bazelparkt (2x), Bombelbas(2x), Paletrock (2x), Boombalfestival(2x), Zonnewende Festival(2x), Na Fir Bolg, Rencontres Médiévales, Les Antinoises, Schots Weekend, Irish Rock in den Mai (D), Arnsberger Irish Celtic Folk Punk Night (D), La Nuit du Houblon (FR), Wijland Festival (NL), Folk Veur Volk (NL), Pinkenpop (NL), Dijkrock (NL), Prilpop (NL), Swingin' Hulsen, Marktrock Poperinge, Trolls & Légendes, Palletfolk, Festivark, Maxifolk, Lodderrock, Gezôarse Feesten, Titailrock, Villa Pace, ... and many many more!



+32 (0)485 62 75 14 ( Steven Vlieghe - Mosca Blanca )



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